Convenient workforce management

Timeclamp’s smart workforce system enables you to track time on your iOS or Android device while on the move. GPS and location tracking is a dynamic feature that provides you with the technology to track team member locations via GPS once they sign in and sign out. So you can keep a check on where they travel and how long they spend at various destinations in duty hours.

Enhanced Visibility with Automated GPS Tracking System

Timesheet provides excellent employee timekeeping and location tracking solution for multiple industries, especially in sectors that involve labor and outdoor work for example Builders, Constructors, Healthcare, Security, Transportation, Event Planners, and all Trades with Mobile Employees.

Timeclamp’s workforce system tracks worker labor times and locations – from any device and area. This means that the managers can monitor its team from anywhere in the world.  The system is user-friendly and automates your entire time-tracking process. Covering each aspect for maximum transparency, the system includes proper employee timekeeping and GPS location verification, which saves several administrative hours and resources per month.

The Timesheet Mobile solution includes smartphone punch in/out, GPS and mapping features, and real-time syncing and reporting to your secure Employer Web Portal.

How Tracking Your Employee Benefits Your Workforce Channel 

Instant Notifications

Getting instant notifications when a worker is not on time or absent is important so that you can arrange replacements instantly. Timeclamps’ workforce provides you alerts if an employee don’t clock into a job or shift as scheduled

Monitor Employee Breaks

A manager always needs to be informed when the workers take a break. Gain visibility of your employee’s schedule and know when they switch between duty hours and short breaks

Outdoor Time Tracking

Not only in-house, but tracking hours of your employees on outside duty is essential too. With Timeclamp’s system track employee hours accurately and get instant alerts if they are absent or away from the workplace

Time-in & Time out Alerts

Keep a record of your team’s time in and time out with the smart tracking. Punch Prompt alerts will inform you when your employees enter and exit the premises of your office.

Keep track of employees anywhere anytime to ensure maximum productivity hassle-free operations with Timeclamp’s workforce management system

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