Binnaway Meat Processors

Binnaway abattoir reopens with Timeclamp supporting its growing workforce.

The Binnaway site, trading as Binnaway Meat Processing, will boost the local economy.  On the 16th of September 2019, Binnaway Meat Processing will receive its first Timeclamp Kiosk, Time and Attendance solution to support its growing workforce.

Timeclamp will also include Visitor management to account for guests accessing the facilities.

The abattoir has been the first venture in the meat game for Enayat Hassib and his two other Sydney-based business partners who were behind the abattoir’s reopening.

“We’re starting with domestic and service kills, but as we go we’re looking to see if we can get in the export market,” Mr Hassib said.

The facility will employ about 30 people, with plans for this number to increase as the facility grows to access the export market.

Reference ABC News: A central west New South Wales abattoir is back in production, three years after shutting down and shedding more than 30 local jobs.