Governance for your workforce

Establishing effective policies and procedures is every organization’s goal. However, developing effective policies take proper collaboration and mutual agreement between employees and management. Also, often the administration has to set up some guidelines for individual projects and team according to the nature of the work.

But reviewing each of the policy and conducting discussions over it might take a lot of valuable time and energy. It can be a waste of a lot of precious working ours as well. Therefore, to keep employees updated with the existing policy and guidelines. Therefore, Timeclamp features an option through which you can review all the policies and guidelines made by the management.  This helps us develop a better understanding between workers and the administration, along with creating a better workflow within the workplace.

Get Policy Alerts to Remain Updated With the Current Procedures

Employee’s need to be taken in the loop when a policy is revised or a guideline is updated. Also there should always be an individual section where employees can view the policies about various aspects.

With Timeclamp’s policy and guidelines alerts, all the team member and worker can remain fully updated. They can even notify the administration if they do not agree with a specific clause or guideline. Plus, the company can gain collective approval on the policies as every individual who reads the instructions come across the option for accepting the policy and guidelines. The feature saves a lot of time and prevents confusion among workers and management.

The Policy and Guideline Option Feature

View Pending Policies

Staff can check the status of an in-discussion policy. By clicking over pending policy and guidelines, one can know which policies are still not approved

Accepting a Policy

When a new policy is added by the administrator, manager or team lead, each individual gets an option to review and accept the  policy.  You will be made aware when a staff reviews and accepts a policy

Notification and Alerts

Get instantly notified on your Timeclamp’s account when a new guideline is added, or policy is revised so that everyone remains on the same page without circulating unnecessary memos


Providing a proper channel to update your employee’s with guidelines and policies, Timeclamp brings you effective solutions for hassle-free daily operations and complete compliance with company’s plans