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Account Overview

Here is a quick overview of what you can access within your Timeclamp™ account. All of these items will remain in the same positions no matter what page you visit within your account.

On the top right of your account, you’ll see the following:

  • Logout

Logout of your Timeclamp™ account.

  • Help

Click the ? icon at the top of your Home page to view support or chat with a Timeclamp™ team member to ask questions or resolve an issue.

  • Your Account

Your initials and avatar are displayed at the top of your Timeclamp™ Home page. By clicking on this item, you can:

  • Change Workspace

Click here to switch to a different Workspace from the one you’re currently on.

  • My Workspaces

Here is where you can view and manage all of your Workspaces, as well create a new


  • Workspace Settings

Click to manage the settings for the Workspace you’re currently working from.

  • Notifications

The  bell icon shows whether you have new notifications to view.

  • Schedule

View your schedule as well as the schedule for all users assigned to this Workspace.

On the left of your Timeclamp™ account, you’ll see:

  • Projects

View all of the projects within your Workspace.

  • Manage Users

Change roles, assign new roles, edit users’ information, invite users, etc.

  • Clients

View and manage clients, create a new client.

  • Timesheet

Clock in, edit and submit timesheets.

  • Expenses

Manage expenses for each of your projects.

  • Subscription

View and change your Timeclamp™ subscription.

  • Settings

Edit your settings for the Workspace you’re currently working in.

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