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Choose Workspace Settings

When you create an Workspace, you’ll need to create the settings for that Workspace. These settings include the following:

  • Company Name – What the name of your company is (the workspace name).
  • Country – Where you’re company is located.
  • Industry – What industry your company is in. We use this to customise the workspace instance
  • Currency – The currency you are using for invoicing, budget etc.
  • Date format – The format you want all dates for that Workspace to be in – e.g. DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD
  • Start Week On – What day you want each week to start on for timesheets
  • Number format – All numbers in this Workspace will be formatted in the format you select, e.g. 1,234.56 or 1.234,56.

By default when you register your account, that Workspace will automatically have the settings you entered when you registered, such as the company name, country and industry. However, you can still edit these settings however you wish.

To create settings or edit existing settings for an Workspace, click My Workspaces by clicking your account avatar in the top right of your Timeclamp™ account. Then, locate the Workspace you want to manage and click Edit.

For a more detailed guide on deleting and managing workspaces, visit the following pages:

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