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What are Roles?

Roles in Timeclamp™ define which user does what in an Workspace – for example, Owner, Project Lead, Schedule Manager, etc. Roles also allow the Owner of an Workspace to designate who can have access to which settings and features in that Workspace.

Roles are created by the user(s), so they are entirely up to you. For example, you can choose to create a Time Approver role and assign this user with access to review and approve/reject members’ timesheets. You can allow them to approve time for all projects within that Workspace, or only for projects which they are assigned to. Another possible role is User Manager, someone who invites and assigns users to a workspace or project.

The only default roles in Timeclamp™ are Instant Owner and Default User.

A Workspace Owner has access to all settings and features within that Workspace. For example, an Owner can edit Workspace settings, delete the Workspace, create roles and assign users and much more. Certain account and billing related functions within Timeclamp™ are specific to Owners only, such as paying for the Workspace or deleting the Workspace.

By default, someone who creates an Workspace is the Owner of that Workspace. However, it is possible for the Owner to assign the role of Owner to another person and demote his or herself. There can also be multiple owners of an Workspace.

All other users – the users who join the Workspace rather than create it – are automatically Default Users. The title of Default User can be changed to whatever role the Owner assigns them.

When you create a role for a particular Workspace, whoever logs in under that role will only have access to what you gave them permission to access when you created the role.

Create a Role

Step 1: Create a Role
To create roles for a particular workspace, click Settings in the menu on the left of your screen.

Then click Roles and + Create Role. Type in the role name and click Create.

Step 2: Set Permissions
After you’ve created the role, you can set the permissions specific to that role by clicking each of the different categories (Settings, Subscription, Clients, Users, Timesheets and Bills, etc.)

Checking the empty box next to each permission you wish to grant for that role. For example, for Timesheets, you can check Access, Update and Delete but not Approve to allow that user to view and edit timesheets but not grant them the right to approve them.
When you’ve checked all of the desired boxes, click Save.

Step 3: Assign Users
To assign users to the roles you’ve created, follow these steps:

  • Go the Manage Users page by clicking Manage Users on the left of your Timeclamp™ account.
  • In All users assigned to this Workspace, click Change next to the user’s role that you want to change.
  • In the Change User Role window that pops up, select one of the roles you created from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Update.

Note: If you have not yet created different roles for an workspace, the roles for each user will automatically be Owner for the workspace creator and Default for all other users.

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