Disabling a User

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Disabling a User

Disabling a user allows you to deactivate users who are no longer active from an workspace. This is beneficial to ensure that users who are no longer allowed to access the workspace cannot do so.

Disabling a user is different from deleting a user. When you disable a user, that user will still be listed in Manage Users and all of their data will remain for reporting purposes. You can also active a userat any time.

If you, an Workspace Owner, or a user with user management permissions and would like to disable a user, just follow these steps:

Click Manage Users on the left of your workspace

Locate the user you want to disable under All users assigned to this workspace.

Click Disable.

To confirm, click Yes, disable this user.

To reactivate a user, simply follow Steps 1 and 2 and click Activate.

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