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The Timeclamp kiosk can be used at your worksite for employees to clock on and clock off.  It is a free download and deployment using the Kiosk link from your Timeclamp Project.

Kiosk Device works for all iPad and Android Tablets using the progressive Web App version.

Log into Timeclamp as a system owner or adminstrator to configure your workspace to allow Kiosks to work at your worksite.


Go to your project/worksite within Timeclamp and copy the Kiosk Link

Add the link to your selected device (set it as a home page link for iPad)

All employees/staff can now sign in to the Kiosk only if they have been assigned to the Kiosk worksite location.

Staff will need to use their Kiosk PINs to clock on/off

We recommend that you contact Timeclamp support to order your Kiosk stand which comes pre-configured with the necessary setup requirements.

Download Timeclamp APP


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