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Late clock out can happen for a couple of reasons, either the employee finished work late or the employee forgot to clock out at the end of their shift and clocked out later. Resolving late clock outs is a good way to keep track of which employees are continually working late hours and checking in with them to make sure their workload is not too high.

Round late clock out time of timesheet to scheduled end time option will allows the employer to round the late clock out timings to the scheduled end time. For this the employer has to enable the option by put tick mark on the check box.

In the above screen the schedule time is 4.45pm to 4.55 pm , but the employee has clocked out at 5.00 pm , and the extra 5 minutes got rounded to the schedule end time ie rounded to 4.55 pm , that i why it is showing duration of 10 minutes.

Please select a rounding option for late clock out allows the employer to round the late clock out time, the drop down has the vales closer to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60.

As shown in the below screen , the scheduled shift time is 5.06 pm to 5.15 pm , the user has stopped the shift at 5.18 , because of the rounding closer to 5 enabled , the time get rounded to 5.15 pm.

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