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Manage Workspace

You can manage your Workspaces in My Workspaces. Here, you can view all of the existing Workspaces in your account and view, search, edit or delete Workspaces. You can also create a brand new Workspace.

For each Workspace, you will see the name of the Workspace, number of projects and your role for that Workspace. For Workspace Owners, you have three options for each Workspace: View, Edit and Delete. For other users, you’ll have the option to View.

Viewing an Workspace allows you to see all of the assigned users in an Workspace, including their status, email address, name, avatar and role.

If you are an Owner, you have the option to disable a user (link to Disabling a User page). If you are any user, you have the option to View that user, which allows you to view all of that user’s information, including:

  • Name and Avatar
  • Email Address
  • Role
  • Personal Info

Including first and last name, gender (optional), date of birth, cost rate, employee type (employee or contractor) and timezone.

  • Contact Details

Including address, phone number(s) and email address.

  • Banking

BSB, account number and account description, as well as the option to select either Pay Into One Account or Split Pay Between Two Accounts.

  • Clients

All clients accessible to this user.

  • Projects

All projects accessible to this user as well as the ability to Assign a Project (link to Assign a Project page) (for Workspace Owners only).

  • Timesheets

All of this user’s draft, pending and approved timesheets.

  • Expenses

All draft, pending and approved expenses associated with this user.

If you have a large number of Workspaces, you can quickly find the one you need by entering the name of the Workspace where it says Search for Workspace names… right below Manage Workspaces.

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