Managing and assigning employment types

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Employment Types can be configured to determine the rules associated to the staff assigned to the employment type.

Settings include:

  1. Full Time, Part Time or Casual Worker
  2. Default Start Time
  3. Default End Time
  4. Available Days for work
  5. Weekly Hour Limit
  6. Daily Hour Limit
  7. Break Time
  8. Paid Break 
  9. Minimum Hours to work prior to break being available

Simply create an employment type and assign the Staff to the employment type.

Go to Settings in the sidebar











Select Employment Type under System Fields – > User Profile

Select an employee type and click edit under Action.












Now configure the rules for the employment type.

Click Save to update the changes.

To assign the staff to the employment type go to Manage Users

  1. Select the User
  2. Click on Rates Tab under Personal Info



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