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In order to effectively use Timeclamp, you’ll need to understand clients and projects and how they relate to each other with timesheets, expenses and invoice management.


The client is the person or organisation that has hired you to complete a project. Clients in Timeclamp™ do not have to have access to your workspace however you can nominate your client to be a Client Approver against a project linked to the client.  If you assign your client to be a client approver they will be able to review, approve or reject time and expense reports only against the team linked to the Clients project. A client approver will not be able to manage any other user or project outside of what they have access to.

By default, a client that has been assigned to a project will receive a weekly email that allows them to view and approve/reject the time and/or expenses for that week. See Notifications page for more details on the email notifications the client will receive from Timeclamp™.

For instructions on how to register a client, visit the Register a Client page. Clients are given access to a particular project’s time and expense reports when you add them to that project (see Create a New Project page).

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