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A project is the job you are completing for a client, such as a marketing campaign for your client’s newest product, or the designing of a new logo. In other words, a project is what you will be billing your client for.

While a workspace has more general settings pertaining to your overall company, such as your team members, clients, company location and currency, each project will have specific parameters such as start and end date, budget, expenses, tasks, accessible users and their billable rates. Since it’s probable that not every single person in your company will work on every project, only users who are involved in a certain project will be able to access it.

Create a New Project

To create a project within an workspace, follow these steps:

  • Click Projects on the left side of your Timeclamp™ account.
  • Click the green Create a new Project button in your Project Board.
  • Fill in the following information:

Add the client for this project. Select a client from the clients already registered in the workspace, or create a new client.

Enter the name of the project name.

The project reference will automatically be filled in when you type in the project name. For workspace, the project reference will automatically be entered. We suggest this project reference for simplicity, but you can change the project reference to be anything you like normally a contract reference number or PO number.

Enter a short description of the project.

Click Create.

Project Options

When viewing your Project Information page, there are a variety of options that can be modified by the users. The following are available options to be modified in the project


Click the Enable button to turn on expense tracking. You can then add expense types and select whether that expense is billable.

Enter the estimated budget for the project. The budget will automatically be in the currency you set when you chose your workspace settings.


Any assigned contacts can be seen in this section of the project. Furthermore, users are able to create a new contact for their project.


Add individual tasks for the project (see What is a Task?  to learn more about tasks. When you add a task, you can select whether it is billable by clicking the Enable button under Billable?.


Add users that will be working on the project by selecting from the users already assigned to this workspace, or inviting new users by clicking Invite new user and entering their first and last name and email address.


Any expense that may occur within a project can be added here as a Type for users to bill against the client. Ensure that the expense option be selected in the Budget section to ensure users are able to create and submit Expenses.

Assign a Project

In addition to adding users to a project when you first create it, you can also assign users to an existing project in Manage Users.

To assign a project to a user, follow these steps:

  • Click Manage Users on the left of your Timeclamp™
  • Locate the user under All users assigned to this workspace and click View.
  • Click Projects under the user’s avatar and name on the left side of their profile.
  • Under Assign Projects, select a project from the dropdown menu and click the green Assign Projects

The project you selected will then be listed under Accessible Projects on that user’s profile, and the user will be able to access that project.

Cloning a Project

Cloning a project is useful if you are doing another project for the same or a different client that will have many of the same parameters – team members, budget, etc. You may even be doing the same project again, for workspace, completing an updated marketing plan for the client or redesigning a logo.

By cloning the project, you can save time filling out all the same information again. You can still change any aspect of the project you’d like.

  • To clone a project, click Projects on the left of your Timeclamp™
  • On your Project Board, locate the project you want to clone and click the Manage
  • Click Clone.
  • All of the information from the project you just cloned will already be entered in each field. Look through and edit any fields you wish to change.
  • Click Save.

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