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What are Tasks?

A task is the specific tasks that are necessary in order to complete a project. For example, if the project is design a new logo, the tasks might include:

  • Scope Document
  • Create Inspiration Board
  • Design Rough Draft
  • Design Final Draft

If the project is creating a marketing plan for the client, the tasks might be:

  • Scope Document
  • Complete Market Research
  • 50% of Narrative
  • Full Narrative
  • Edit and Proofread

Tasks can be as specific or general as you want them to be; it is entirely up to you. In Timeclamp™, you can stay organized not only by adding tasks and allowing all users to view the list of tasks to be completed, but also by assigning users to individual tasks and keeping track of who is working on which task and when in the schedule.

Tasks can be billable or unbillable. For example, creating the narrative of a marketing plan is a billable task. However, “get approval from client” is not billable, although you may want to add it to the list of tasks in a project as it’s still a vital step.

When you add a task to a project, you can select whether it is billable or unbillable by clicking the Enable button under Billable?.

Managing Tasks

From the User Profile on Timeclamp, select Projects on the side bar

Select Manage Task

Users are able to create a new task by selecting Create a new Task

Enter the Name of the Task

Assign the task to any create projects in the dropdown menu

Assign the task to any users who can access it

Select Save

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