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First, you need to ensure you are logged in to your Timeclamp workspace with Schedule Management permissions. To confirm visit Settings, Roles

To display your schedule view please navigate to the Schedule by clicking “Schedule” at the top left of your screen.

Schedule page: Overview

At the top of the Schedule page you will find options to view your schedule by Project (Location) or User (Team)

Depending on your selection your schedule view will be displayed either in daily or weekly view which will change the current view to either daily or weekly. Simply click the selector and you’ll be able to select the desired location, date, or view type.

The Report Schedule Tab found in the top left hand corner, provides a detailed breakdown view of your schedules

Using the report tab you can choose to group by the following schedule fields available in your work-space.

Creating and Managing a Shift. Click on the add “+” for any day within your schedule view.

Clicking on the “+” Add symbol, will display the Add shift screen to prepare a new shift for the project and assigned person.

Select the Assigned Person for the shift. Employees who are currently working based on the selected date and time will be displayed as Overlapping and cannot be selected for the chosen shift.

Click on the Save button once the shift is ready (DRAFT Awaiting to be PUBLISHED) see publish shifts below for more details.

Publish Shifts, after saving your shifts, you will notice a Publish button at the top right hand corner of your screen. Click on the publish button to display all DRAFT shifts waiting to be published either by email or sms.

Once a shift has been published the employee will receive a notification based on the notification method chosen. The notification will sent with a secured email link allowing them to view their shift and (Accept or Reject) the shift.

Shift Tasks

When scheduling an employee to work on a project or site you will need to select a relevant task which has been assigned to the employees profile and matches the task assigned to the project/site.

If a project does not have any matching tasks to the employees profile then you will need to either choose another employee with matching tasks or configure your employee and project tasks (see employee Task/Skills profile below)

To configure your Project/Site Tasks please see below.

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