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Setting Up Your Profile

The first step after registering and signing into your Timeclamp™ account is to set up your profile. This will allow other users to see important information about you, such as contact information, as well as enable vital functions within Timeclamp™ such as expense tracking and invoicing.

Both Instance Owners and Default Users alike will be able to set up their own profile. Instance Owners have the ability to edit other users’ profiles, while Default Users do not (unless they have been given permission by the Instance Owner).

To set up your profile, you will need to enter the following information (if it has not already been entered by the Instance Owner and automatically filled in with info from when you registered):

  • Your First and Last Name (already entered)
  • Email Address (already entered)
  • Your Role (already assigned by the Instance Owner)
  • Additional Personal Info

You will need to enter your date of birth. You also have the option to add your gender to your profile.

  • Timezone

What timezone are you in? (E.g. (GMT+10:00) Sydney))

  • Contact Details

Add your physical address, phone number(s) and your email address (will already have been entered).

  • Banking

To ensure that you can send payments (if you are a client) and receive payments (if you are an employee or contractor), you will need to add your bank account to your account, including the BSB, account number and account description (e.g. checking). You can also choose the option to either Pay Into One Account or Split Pay Between Two Accounts. Pay Into One Account will be the default option for all users; if you have more than one bank account that you wish to be paid in, you will need to enter both accounts and select Split Pay Between Two Accounts.

  • Cost Rate

Your cost rate is your hourly wages (how much you earn per hour).

  • Employee Type

What type of employee are you at your company – are you an employee or contractor?

To set up your (or another user’s) profile and enter the above information, click Manage Users on the left of your Timeclamp™ account, find yourself or that user under All users assigned to this instance and click View to the right of their role.

You can also go directly to your own profile by clicking your account name and avatar at the top of your Timeclamp™ account, then clicking Profile.

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