What is Timeclamp?

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What is Timeclamp?

Timeclamp™ is suitable for tracking time, managing approvals, invoices and expenses across single to multiple projects and teams for consulting and labour hire companies.

Powerful time and invoice tracking with customer approvals has never been so easy. Choose how you wish to track your time by using Task based timers or enter your hours in one go. Timeclamp™ lets you track billable and non-billable hours across projects as you go.


The main benefits of using Timeclamp™ for your business:

  • Approve time faster
  • Manage time correctly
  • Invoice confidently

Core Features

  • Time Management
  • Expense Management
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing

Timeclamp™ makes it easy for employees and clients to track the amount of hours worked, and approve and reject timesheets in order to manage time effectively.

You can also manage expenses by setting your budget, cost rate, billable rate and other expenses. Timeclamp™ will automatically track your cost amount and billable amount and let you know how much of your budget is remaining at any point in the project.

Timeclamp™ makes scheduling simpler. You can create a schedule for all employees for any duration, schedule individuals shifts for users and assign tasks during each shift.

Automatically generate invoices based on approved time and send to clients with zero hassle. With simple and easy invoicing, you can get paid faster.

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