Systematic Check-Ins & Outs With Timeclamp’s Kiosk System

No more manual, shift entrée’s or wastage of endless hours to count in and monitor shifts of your employee’s. Let Timeclamp handle your employee’s clock on and clock off with its automated Kiosk system.

Increasing transparency and visibility all together, Timeclamp brings you a kiosk system through which the workers can easily check-in and out of their shifts. Plus the managers can monitor all the employees working on different channels.

Add Convenience in Your Business Operations with Kiosk Management System

For projects that are scattered in different locations or are divided within various departments, are challenging to manage collectively. Many times, there are different teams to work on a similar project in different places. Hence the employees also feel confused about whom to report about their shits. Monitoring every worker’s shifts in such circumstances is even more difficult.

Therefore, Timeclamp’s Kiosk system is a brilliant solution to manage and monitor multiple projects, workers and shifts at a time. It is much easier for the employees to open the kiosk system on their iPad and Android tablets and check-in and out conveniently according to their shifts.

Effective Monitoring of All Project Sites Through One System  

Free Download and Deployment

Kiosk is a bonus feature that comes in with your Timeclamp’s work management system. It has a free download and deployment feature for each worksite/location. So, you can manage your layered projects and multiple worksites at one time, without any inspection visits

Accurate clock in and out

With the digital system of kiosk feature, there is absolutely no chance of error in calculating the shift ours or false check-in or checkouts. As the employees use an allotted pin code to chick in and out of their shifts. The administrators can also see who is currently at work with clear visibility of the hours they have worked.

Compliance and Compatibility

No matter how the kiosk system is compatible with all iPad and Android tablet devices. One can easily operate their kiosk account through their devices, from anywhere in the world. Similarly, the managers can monitor who’s at work at that time by using a single portal.

Easy Accessibility

Managing the usage and deployment of the Kiosk feature is easy. Simply log into your Timeclamp system, and copy the kiosk link. Employees can access it through pin if they have been assigned to a particular project or on-site location.


Make the most of Timeclamp’s kiosk system by optimizing the check-in system for all your workers

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